Ventilation/Humidity Control

Always turn on the exhaust fan when using the dryer.  Unlike those in homes, the dryers at Somerset Gardens vent into a long duct which lead to the outside.  The fan is required to overcome the long stretches of duct.  

If you suspect a problem with the exhaust fan(s) please consult with the Property Manager. 

In addition to exhausting the humidity, it may be necessary to make sure that there is adequate air circulation across the windows; the vent flaps on the heater are adjustable and may require adjusting to increase the flow of air to the windows.  Drawn curtains reduce air circulation and can cause increased condensation.  Preferably, curtains should not be left closed when you are away.  

Somerset Gardens is pressurized in such a way that air circulates from the corridors into the units in order to minimize the spread of odours into the corridors and into other units.  This also makes for better performance of a unit’s exhaust fans.