Spring 2020 Newsletter

Welcome To Somerset Gardens

A warm welcome to all new owners and tenants at Somerset Gardens. Once the public health emergency is over and the weather warms up, we hope you have the opportunity to meet more of your neighbours.

Thank You to Our Community

The Somerset Gardens community showed its strength during the COVID crisis. Everyone respected the new social distancing guidelines in our common areas, including the one passenger per elevator guidance and the posted limits in use of the common elements. We made use of the hand sanitizer in the lobby and the sunroom.

Our community showed its heart when people offered to shop and run errands for our vulnerable members. Thank you volunteers.

A special thank you to Melisa for organizing a gift to Wayne Shorter, our intrepid cleaner, who has worked hard to keep our building safe during this crisis.

Thank you also to Peggy, Melisa and Paula for organizing a $1,000 donation from our bottle fund to the Ottawa Food Bank, which is helping to ensure those experiencing hardship have enough to eat.

Merci Madame Bisson

Thank you Mme. Bisson, volunteer extraordinaire, for your work over the years in our library. You transformed the space from an unsightly dumping ground to a pleasant and organized library that is well used by our community. We will miss your efforts now that you have retired.

Make A Difference

• We are in need of new volunteer librarians to continue Mme. Bisson’s fantastic work. Please get in touch with the property manager if this suits your interests!
• Promote respect for our shared space.
• Keep our surfaces clear and clean. Dispose of junk mail in your individual units—do not leave it lying on the lobby tables. If you no longer wish to receive flyers, please leave a note to that effect in your mailbox.
• Please take pets off the condo property to relieve themselves, and not to the rooftop area to do so.
• Our community is experiencing a greater need for parcel delivery services, which has increased the volume of products in our paper recycling bin. As a courtesy to others during this time, please flatten cardboard boxes before recycling them so that there is space for everyone.
• Keep it green! Carefully read the instructions on each recycling bin and correctly sort your items. If our recycling batches are not sorted properly, they could be rejected for contaminants and dumped in the garbage. Note that milk and juice cartons belong in the same bin as plastics and metal cans, and plastic bags cannot be recycled at all.
• Now that we have changed our HVAC (furnace) filters, used filters can be disposed of in the large garbage dumpster which is accessible through the garbage room. Every owner should have a key to this room—please speak to the property manager if you are missing yours. 

• If you are ever unsure about recycling guidelines, please refer to this website: https:// ottawa.ca/en/garbage-and-recycling/apartment-and-multi-unit-programs/residents-and- tenants

Ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your condo community

We wish everyone a great spring and summer!
Your Board members
Allyson, Sonia, Susan, Asia and Philippe