Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring is already here! The Board of Directors welcomes all new residents and owners to Somerset Gardens. Below is the latest condo news.

New Board Member and Board Position— Following the Annual General Meeting on January 30, 2019, the Board has welcomed Allyson Downs to the role of President. Other newly confirmed board positions are list at the bottom of this newsletter.

Junk Mail– Friendly reminder to please take junk mail to the recycling rather than leaving it on the furniture in the lobby. To receive less junk mail, you may leave a notice for the mailman in your mailbox.

Smoking— The Board appreciates everyone’s support in helping to keep Somerset Gardens smoke free. This also applies to the space just outside of the main building entrance and any common elements, including the rooftop garden. Please do not stand and smoke directly in front of the building’s steps, as residents have to pass through this area to enter.

Rooftop Etiquette— With the nice weather finally arriving, everyone is excited to make use of the rooftop gardens on the Penthouse level. Tips to ensure that everyone can enjoy the space freely include: cleaning the BBQ after each use and wiping down the tables and chairs as required. Also, please do not move the sunroom furniture outside.

Building Safety— All residents are encouraged to keep the April 3rd email notice that our property manager, Liz Marples, sent out which outlines steps that should be taken in the event that you notice suspicious activity at Somerset Gardens. If you would like another copy of this notice please contact the property manager.

Maintaining a safe living environment is a top priority for the Board. Over the coming months, the Board will be looking to launch new initiatives that can help us to improve in this area. Please stay tuned for more information and feel free to contact the board if you have any ideas to contribute.

Filters— Filters for the heat/cooling systems in each unit should be changed everyone six months and are provided by the Condominium free of charge upon request.

Board E-mail Service Standard— To help serve you better, the board e-mail address (somersetgardens@live.com) will now have a 3-day business standard. This means that we will endeavor to reply to all e-mails within 3 business days.

For maintenance issues contact our Property Manager Liz Marples at 613-237-9519 ext. 231 or lmarples@condogroup.ca. For emergency repairs both during and after business hours, please call the emergency line at 613-762-5704.

The Board of Directors wishes everyone a wonderful spring!

Board Members: Allyson Downs (President) David Leszczynski (Director of Communications), Sonia Myre (Treasurer), Sandy Kusugak (Secretary), and Kristina McLean (Director).

Board Member’s Email Address: somersetgardens@live.com
Check out our Website: www.somersetgardens.ca