Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived! The Board of Directors would like to welcome all new residents and owners to Somerset Gardens. Below is the latest of your condo news.

Rooftop Patio- It’s barbeque season! Take advantage of the lovely weather on the rooftop patio. Chairs and tables have been placed outside and the BBQ will be cleaned and tuned up for all residents to enjoy. Remember to clean up after using the rooftop.

Smoke-Free Building – Based on the presence of butts, it is clear that smoking still occurs on the rooftop & common entrance area. Butts are also being thrown from the building and sometimes landing on residents’ patios. These are not only a nuisance but also a fire hazard when not properly extinguished. Please remember that each one of us has a right to have one’s space respected and that each one of us shares a responsibility to ensure that this happens. That is why we have rules. For smoking, please refer to Rule 19, available anytime on the condo’s website for further details.

Elevator Bookings – A reminder to all residents to refer to the Owner’s Manual with respect to booking the elevator for deliveries or moving. The property manager must receive your request 2 weeks prior to your move or delivery date, as well as completed reservation forms and a damage deposit cheque.

Window Cleaning- The property manager is arranging exterior cleaning of the windows for the week of May 22. A notice to residents will be posted shortly.

HVAC Filter s- Did you know that a dirty filter can shut down your heat pump. Filters are provided to residents upon request to the property manager and we encourage residents to change the filter 3 times per year.

Renovations - Thinking about conducting some renovations or interior unit painting? Prior to conducting any work within the unit, residents/owners should contact the property manager to ensure that the work will not cause disruption to others or affect any common elements. Please note that one should never remove, tamper with or paint over either the heat or smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Of these two alarms, only the smoke/carbon monoxide one requires a battery change and will emit a signal when it needs to be replaced.

For maintenance issues, you would contact Liz Marples, the property manager, at lmarples@condogroup.ca A reminder to residents: for emergency repairs during business hours or after hours, please call the emergency line at 613-762-5704.

The Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a happy spring, remember that you can reach us through the website.

Board Members: David Leszczynski president, Germain Dubois treasurer,
Sonia Myre director, Kristina McLean, director and Sandy Kusugak, director.