Right of Entry

Under the Condominium Act, an authorized agent of the Corporation, such as the Property Manager, can enter any part of the property at reasonable times upon giving reasonable notice to inspect, repair and/or correct conditions that might result in damage to the property, or to carry out any duty imposed upon the Corporation.  In emergencies, such an agent may enter your unit without notice; however, the Corporation and its agents shall determine whether an emergency exists.  For example, in case of a fire or flood the Property Manager can enter your unit in your absence to prevent damage or loss to both your unit and other units.  

In case of regular repairs of common elements such as balconies, an officer or agent of the Corporation may enter a unit with prior notice.  

Owners who are absent should be aware of this and of their insurance risk.  Many insurance contracts are voided with absences as short as seventy-two (72) hours.  Make sure your insurance company is aware of your absences.  

Consequently it is recommended that you read your insurance policy.  It is also recommended that you either leave a key with the superintendent, a neighbour or engage a monitoring service when absent. No individual has a master key and none is given to members of the Condominium Board.