Booking Your Move

Furniture, appliances and any other large items can only be moved into or out of the building if you have booked the elevator and the protective elevator pads must be in place. The elevator must be booked ahead of time.

The Corporation charges a moving fee of $50 (amount is subject to change, contact the property manager) for moving in/out of Somerset Gardens.  This fee covers the time required to set up the elevator pads as well as any damages and wear and tear to the common areas that frequently occur during a move.  Payment should be made by cheque or money order to O.C.S.C.C. No.  795 and payment is required to be left with the Property Manager prior to having the elevator put on service before your move.  A written receipt will be issued at the time of payment.

Just contact us, and we will be happy to be of assistance in booking your move and ensuring a dedicated elevator is available for you at your move time.

Moving Hours

The hours for moving are Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm. Moving shall not take place on Sundays or public holidays.


If you are renting a unit from a unit owner in the building, the required tenant information forms must be signed by both the unit owner and tenant before the move takes place.  Also make sure you familarize yourself with the declaration, bylaws and rules.  See the document section for details. Please note that Somerset Gardens is a Smoke-free building.