Message from the Board – Fall 2016

A special WELCOME to all new tenants and owners of Somerset Gardens.

Volunteers Wanted - Would you be interested in organizing or helping with the organization of social events for the tenants and non-resident owners. This would involve planning and coordinating social events for the Somerset Gardens community. The cost of food, drinks and other justifiable items would be covered by the bottle fund. If interested, please contact

Security - This is a high priority item for any condo. Our condo is equipped with thirteen security video cameras to monitor the lobby, the entry to the elevators, the rooftop, the bike room, the passage between the door next to the bike room to the front east-side door, the parking area and the garage. The lighting for all of these areas is very good. On top of this, you can provide key information which might not be captured on tape. If you witness any threat, vandalism, destructive or criminal activity in progress, please contact 911. If the event is not in progress, call 613-236-1222 x7300 or report online at

Water Issues - In August, we had a toilet malfunction which flooded one unit and the four units beneath it. This is a reminder that if your toilet does not seem to function normally, you must call a plumber to avoid this type of situation. If not, your insurance will have to cover the repairs to all the damaged units and common areas. Also remember to shut off the water supply to your unit when leaving for more than 24 hours.

Lobby - The waste disposal containers near the mailboxes in the lobby have been removed temporarily because a resident had the brilliant idea to discard their dog’s poop in the container. The result: nauseating strong smell in the lobby which became the unenviable task of our cleaner to dispose in a proper manner. Please note that the purpose of these containers is for the recycling of junk mail only. Because of this incident we have removed the lobby trash can and residents are responsible for disposing of their junk mail or newspapers properly in the exterior recycle bin.

Fire Safety Plan - The emergency procedures are outlined in the fire safety plan and posted on the Somerset Gardens website. In general, you should leave the fire area immediately and close doors, sound the alarm, call 911, leave the building via the nearest/safest staircase and proceed to the marshalling area, the parking lot of the Army Mess directly opposite SG. The Fire Safety plan contains information on residents requiring assistance in evacuating – make sure you have notified the property manager if you need such assistance.

Heat & Smoke Detectors - A reminder to all residents that they have both a heat and a smoke detector in each unit and they should never be tampered with, as this can set off a false alarm call to the main fire panel and the Fire Dept. Please remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector annually and to contact the property management emergency line if you hear an alarm day or night. (613) 762-5704.

Christmas Trees - It is early to talk about Christmas but since we are talking about security in this message, it is worth noting that cut trees dry out, loose their needles and are fire hazards. For these reasons, they are not permitted inside the condo as per rules 4 and 12 of our Rules and Regulations.

Note that our website, is a good source of information regarding living here and who to contact should you need help.