Maintaining Building Security

External entry to the building is by fob and that fob is not to be given out freely. It is important to report any missing or lost fobs/keys to the Property Manager immediately. A special electronic device is available, at a cost of $60, for those who require the use of the wall discs for the Handicapped at the front entrance.

Please do not let anyone in who buzzes your unit, who you are unable to identify.  Try not to let persons who cannot identify themselves into the lobby when you are unlocking the door yourself so that security will not be compromised. Always keep your unit door locked and your sliding doors secured.

Please enter the garage slowly and watch for anyone in another vehicle or on foot following you in to the garage space.  If you are following another car, allow the garage door to partially close before using your remote access device to open the door.  This practice assures the initial driver that you are authorized to enter the building.  It is recommended that remote access devices not be left inside your vehicle.


If you notice a suspicious individual on the premises, please notify us and/or the Police. Do not try to confront an intruder yourself.

The Board has installed many security cameras throughout the building and lobby and any movement is recorded 24 hours a day.  The cameras are not monitored physically but images are stored on a hard drive to be reviewed in case of an incident.  In case of an incident of concern please contact the Property Manager at: 613-738-7900 ext 120.

In case of robbery or other security problem contact the Police directly.