Late Summer 2019 Newsletter

Summer is coming to an end, but as we know, Ottawa may still be in for plenty of sunshine as Fall approaches. As always, the Board of Directors would like to welcome all new residents and owners to Somerset Gardens. Below is the latest condo news.

Rooftop Etiquette – You may have noticed the addition of new patio furniture, which has allowed a number of groups to enjoy our rooftop gardens at once. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the space freely, we ask that you please clean the BBQ after each use and wipe down the tables and chairs as required.

Garbage and recycling – Over the August long weekend, the garbage chute became blocked by a too-large piece of rubbish. Know that if you have to push an item into the slot, it will not make its way down the chute. You can place larger items directly into the bin in the garbage room. Also, while we appreciate all efforts at recycling, note that when you bundle your paper recycling into plastic bags, the lot cannot be recycled.

HVAC Filters – A filter that is not regularly replaced can cause (very costly) problems and even shut down your heat pump. For this reason, filters are provided to residents upon request by the property manager FREE of charge. Friendly reminder that filters should be changed, on average, 3 times per year. Used filters are not recyclable and should be discarded in the garbage bin.

Safety concerns – Some of you may have noticed an increase in nefarious goings-on due to the Elgin street construction project. Know that the Board has reached out to a community policing liaison to discuss the issue. Please feel free to contact the Board if you have any ideas to contribute or would like to be involved in a Safety and Security Committee. Please do not let strangers in; kindly ask them to buzz the residents they are visiting or avoid a confrontation all-together by going in/out through a side entrance.

Bicycles – A reminder that bicycles must be stored on the racks provided outside the building, in the bike room, or on the designated rack of your parking spot and not on your balcony as it is not to be transported through the lobby, hallways, elevators or stairwells. For a full list of rules regarding bicycles or to get a spot in the bike room, please contact our Property Manager Liz Marples at

Maintenance issues – For maintenance issues, you may contact our Property Manager Liz Marple at

For emergency repairs or lockouts, both during and after business hours, please call the emergency line at 613-762-5704.

Board Members: Allyson Downs (President), Sonia Myre (Treasurer), Sandy Kusugak (Secretary), Kristina McLean (Director). Board Members’ Email Address:

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