Key Rules

Various rules exist to protect the interests of all owners in our Condominium, and to ensure everyone is treated fairly and able to enjoy living here.

The official rules are as written in the documents governing the Condominium Corporation, in particular the DeclarationBy-laws and Rules and Regulations. It's important that all owners and residents take the time to familiarize themselves with these documents.

Some specific rules that everyone should pay close attention to include:


You are only permitted to move furniture and other items into or out of the building after following the correct procedure to book your move. Moves may only take place during certain hours, and special elevator pads must be in place to protect the elevator interiors.  Refer to the handbook section on Moving for details.

Neighbours Right to Quiet Enjoyment

Condominium Rules clearly provide for owners rights to quiet enjoyment of their unit, and puts the burden on the invidual making noise to ensure they do not disturb their neighbours. For more information, please see the handbook section on Quiet Enjoyment.


You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Residents are permitted to have pets, under certain circumstances. There are limits on the type and number of pets that are permitted per unit. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet anywhere on or near the premises. For more information, please see the handbook section on Pets.

Renting Your Unit

Individual unit owners may rent out their unit, but subject to certain conditions. These include requirements for both the landlord and tenant to provide the Condominium Corporation with certain signed forms. These requirements must be fulfilled before a tenant will be permitted to move in. For more information, please see the handbook section on Renting Your Unit.


To keep a neat and tidy appearance of the building, and for safety reasons, only seasonal furniture is permitted on balconies. Balconies may not be used for storage of bicycles or other items. For the safety of those below, you must ensure that no items can fall or be dropped from your balcony. In particular, dropping cigarette butts poses a personal safety and fire hazard threat to those below, and is strictly forbidden. Please use an ashtray instead.

Common Elements

You are not permitted to modify any common elements of the Condominium. If you have any concerns with the common elements, please contact us. It is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with which things are common elements, as these include unit entry doors, windows and window frames, and other things that those new to Condominium living may assume are part of the unit they own.

Parking Spaces

Parking spaces may not be rented to non-residents. Also, no items other than vehicles may be stored in your parking space, for both security and insurance reasons.


Smoking is not permitted in Somerset Gardens, either inside or outside the building. Somerset Gardens has been ruled a Smoke-free Building since February 1, 2015.

Signs and Flyers

To keep the building looking neat and tidy, no sort of sign or flyer may be posted in the common areas, and no flyers or notices may be distributed except by permission of the Condominium Corporation.