In Case of Water Leak

Water leakage from a unit’s plumbing can be frustrating as well as devastating. It is important that residents take certain precautions, such as shutting off the water turn-off valves, particularly if the unit is to be left vacant for any length of time.  Somerset Garden units have a main water supply valve in each unit.  It is located below the sink in the bathroom.  Ideally, if you are to be away for a extended period of time it would be a wise precaution to turn off valves.  

It is important that you report any accidental overflow, such as the bathtub spilling over.  By doing so, you will help locate the source of the water and determine if the flow is temporary or continuous.

In a multi-unit residential complex such as ours, a water leak originating in one unit can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to other units in the building. As well as the damage and disruption experienced by many people, depending on the cause and insurance situation, you may be held responsible for damage. As a result, it is important to guard against any possible water leak, and take prompt action if a leak should still occur.

Water-flooding emergencies 

Water-flooding emergencies should be reported to the Property Manager.  Water flooding in one unit can cause damage to another unit.  

Preventing Leaks

If a Leak Occurs