In Case of Fire or Alarm

Fire emergencies occur at Somerset Gardens when the central alarm system detects smoke or fumes, or on occasion, when a short in the system causes a false alarm.  In either case, the fire department immediately responds by sending fire trucks.

Mandatory testing of the fire alarms – not requiring evacuation – is done monthly and residents are warned by notices posted in the elevators and lobby.

Somerset Gardens units are constructed so that a fire will normally be contained within the unit for a minimum of 30 minutes.  If you decide to escape (rather than retreat to your balcony) make sure that the door closes behind you and leave the door unlocked.  The door closer is there for safety reasons.  Do not allow it to be removed or disabled.  Your front door should never be left propped open for any length of time.  Please inform the Board if you will require assistance in the event of an emergency.

In the event of smoke in your unit, e.g. from burning toast, do not open you front door to ventilate as the escaping smoke could set off the central alarm system bringing the Fire Department here on a false alarm.  For more information see “smoke detectors”.

If You Discover a Fire

Upon Hearing Fire Alarm