Garbage and Recycling

Garbage chutes are located on each floor between units 08 and 10 for disposal of household garbage only.  Please do not leave anything else on the floor of the garbage room. All garbage is to be securely bagged.

All other materials are to be taken down to the appropriate recycling containers that are located on the ground floor outdoor parking areas.  Please do not throw bottles, large or sharp articles down the chute.  This garbage can gain speed during its decent causing danger to staff working near the garbage bins.  Please bring these types of items down separately and dispose of in the garbage bin in the garbage room on the ground floor, or recycle bin yourself.

Please note your front door common element key is used to open the garbage room doors off the exterior ground level parking lot.  Please ensure that the doors are securely closed when you exit.

There are boxes in both the entrances to the P1 parking garage and near the barbeque on the rooftop for liquor, wine and beer bottles –these are returned and the funds added to the Garden, Rooftop and Party fund. There are two containers adjacent to the mailboxes for garbage and there is a garbage container near the barbeque on the rooftop.

Residents are requested not to use the garbage chutes between 11 pm and 7 am in deference to the need for quiet during night hours.

Large items such as sofas, mattresses and furniture should be put at the curb on our usual garbage day, which is every second Wednesday.  Our cleaner can advise you when the next  garbage collection day is or check on the City of Ottawa website.  (Every other week a private firm collects  our garbage, and large items must be collected by the City, not our private  firm.)  If the item is too large for the City collection, the garbage truck driver will arrange for another City truck to be sent out to remove  it.  There is no charge for this.  

Recyclable items can be left in their respective bins located in the public parking garage on the main level.  Please make sure you use the correct bin for the recyclable item.  The bins are clearly marked for the types of recyclable items that can be placed in them.  Go to the City of Ottawa website for more details.

Garbage accumulated by contractors engaged by unit owners to work within their units is the responsibility of the contractor who must be so advised by the unit owner.