Balconies and Roof Top Patio

As exclusive use common property, the Corporation regulates the use of balconies. Only patio furniture, seasonal annual plants are allowed on balconies.  Perennials are allowed provided their roots are constrained within containers to prevent damage to the building.  No flower pots or containers are to be installed on the balcony railings or the French balconies. Owners will be asked to remove these and they will be accountable for any damage resulting from installation of such items. Barbeques of any type are not permitted on balconies, nor is the storage of propane tanks, combustible or offensive goods. Balconies cannot be used for storage.  Please do not shake rugs/carpets off your balcony or out the window and do not sweep debris off the balcony. Only floor coverings that are not affixed to the actual balcony floor and are removable during the winter months will be permitted. Balconies are also smoke-free; smoking is prohibited.

The rooftop patio and sunroom are for common use and enjoyment of all residents and their guests.  There is to be no exclusive use of the rooftop patio and sunroom.  Residents are at all times responsible for their guests while in the building or on the rooftop.  Smoking is not permitted on the rooftop or in the sunroom.  For health reasons, we discourage the presence of pets in the Rooftop gardens area.

If you would like to be involved in gardening of the common area gardens or want to make a donation of plants please contact us.  

The outdoor furniture is for the enjoyment of residents and we ask that you take responsibility for maintaining it. Umbrellas must not be put up in the wind and they must be removed and stored in the sunroom after use.