A Guide to Our Condominium

Somerset Gardens, built in 2007-2008, is registered as Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 795 (O.C.S.C.C. 795) and is regulated by the Condominium Act of Ontario, R.S.O. 1980, Chapter 84 as amended. The major duties of the corporation include the management of the property and related assets, the preparation of budgets, the collection of common expenses and the provision of services listed in the Act, the Declaration and By-laws of the Condominium. Each owner should receive the Declaration and By-laws upon purchase of their unit and are responsible, if they have a tenant, to ensure the tenant has a copy. If you do not have a copy, ask the agent or lawyer who handled the sale to obtain one from the previous owner or contact the Property Manager or your landlord.  There are convenience copies of these documents in the document section. 

Somerset Gardens is a Smoke-free building. This means that smoking is prohibited in all units and in every common area of the building, as well as outside the building, including the rooftop area, the parking area and the front garden/entrance area between the building and the sidewalk. The Smoke-free status took effect February 1st, 2015.

Somerset Gardens is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). Among other things, this gives us access to their National website, www.cci.ca. To access the members only page contact us for the user ID and password.