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These documents govern how the Condominium Corporation is run, and set the rules that help everyone to enjoy living here equally. You can also find other useful documents here, such as forms to fill out for various situations.

Available Documents
Download this file (PAP FORM. 2020.doc)Pre-Authorized Payment Form[Pre-Authorized Payment Form][ ]
Download this file (Unit Owner Info Sheet.doc)Unit Owner Information Sheet[Unit Owner Information Sheet][ ]
Download this file (Rules-Regs.pdf)Rules and Regulations[Rules that may be enacted and updated by the corporation from time-to-time][ ]
Download this file (ontario-condominium-act-1998.pdf)Ontario Condominium Act, 1998[Governs Condominium Corporations in Ontario][01]
Download this file (declaration.pdf)Declaration[Definitions and rules that were originally established prior to initial sale of units. Can be changed with vote by unit owners.][02]
Download this file (bylaw1.pdf) Bylaw #1 - General [Enacted by vote of unit owners when the Condominium Corporation was formed, governs various aspects of how the Corporation is run.][03]
Download this file (bylaw2.pdf)Bylaw #2 - Insurance Deductibles [Details who is responsible for insurance deductibles when multiple units are damaged.][04]
Download this file (Condo - Explanation Note - Insurance Deductibles Bylaw[1].pdf)Explanation Note - Insurance Deductibles[Who pays the insurance deductible ][05]
Download this file (bylaw3.pdf)Bylaw #3 - Standard Unit [Standard Unit definition which determines what is covered by which insurance policy.][06]
Download this file (Condo - What owners should do with the standard unit by-law[1].pdf)Explanation Note - Standard Unit By-law[What owners should do with the standard unit bylaw][07]
Download this file (pets.pdf)Board Pet Policy (June 2010)[Board policy regarding pet owners, non-pet owners and board rights, rules and responsibilities][09]
Download this file (OCSCC 795-Amendment to Rules June 2016.pdf)Rules & Regulations[Rules & Regulations which may be enacted and updated by the corporation from time-to-time][1]
Download this file (Somerset Gardens Guidelines for Bottle Drive Fund -Final -  Oct 27 2011.pdf)Alcohol Bottle and Can Collection Guidelines[Board guideliens regarding the collection of alcohol bottles and the use of the funds collected][10]
Download this file (Somerset Gardens Minute Policy - Final March 16 2011.pdf)Board Meeting Minutes Policy (March 2011)[Board policy regarding the taking and disclosure of meeting minutes. ][11]
Download this file (application for bicycle parking- march 26-2012.pdf)Bicycle Parking Application - March 26 2012[There are limited Bicycle Parking spots, send application to the property manager for a spot][12]
Download this file (tenant-info-form.pdf)Non-Resident Owner & Lease Information[This must be filled by any unit owner when renting out their unit.][13]
Download this file (tenant-undertaking-form.pdf)Tenant Undertaking Form[This must be filled and signed by any tenant.][14]
Download this file (thermostat.pdf)Thermostat Quick Reference Guide[Instructions for using the thermostats installed in the building.][17]
Download this file (fire-inspection-schedule.pdf)Fire Inspection Schedule[Dates of monthly fire alarm inspections for 2017][18]