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Major Duties of the Property Manager

Responds to questions and problems of owners and residents

  • Enforces the Condominium’s By-laws, Declaration and Rules and Regulations
  • Assists the Board of Directors
  • Attends Board meeting and ensures the minutes are recorded
  • Inspects the property regularly and supplies the Board with monthly reports  
  • Issues work orders and contracts for work approved by the Board
  • Collects and deposits revenues (including condominium fees) and pays accounts
  • Assists in the preparation of the annual budget
    • Fires, floods or other emergencies
    • Accidents occurring on or in relation to the property
    • Symptoms of a possible problem (e.g. water penetration, water seepage, water leaks, cracks, unusual sounds or noises, smoke or odours, etc)
    • Structural, mechanical or other defects affecting the property (e.g. problems with the water pipes or with the heating and electrical systems)
    • Moving: Provide a completed Moving Guidelines form (available from the Property Manager) prior to your moving date. No moves are to be on Sundays. 
    • When scheduling the cable and phone service, please arrange ahead of time with the Property Manager. 
    • Renting/leasing a unit to a tenant: The owner must provide a Letter of Undertaking  (available from the Property Manager) signed by the new tenant, including the name and phone number of the tenant and the unit owner’s forwarding address. 
    • Selling a unit: When your unit is sold, please provide the name and phone number of the new owner and your forwarding address
    • Problems in the common areas
    • Problems with the cleaning

    Contacting the Property Manager

Promptly contact the property manager concerning the items listed above. It is important that you follow up your call in writing to ensure a complete record of service requests is maintained. Call 911 for fires and police assistance.


    Call the property manager's emergency line 613-762-5704 in case of emergencies. Outside business hours call 613-762-5704, including holidays and weekends. A message centre will take your call and redirect it to a representative who will answer shortly.