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BBQ Stoves

The use of electric, propane or charcoal-fueled BBQ stoves on the individual balconies is prohibited.  This regulation has the full support of the Ontario Fire Marshall and will be strictly enforced.   Storage of propane tanks, combustible or offensive goods on the premises is prohibited.


Somerset Gardens has a communal Barbeque on the roof for use by all owners and tenants.  To ignite the barbeque, turn on the timer for the estimated amount of time required, open the lid and turn gas on at the wall, and then at the barbeque.  Then press button to ignite the gas on the front on the barbeque.  When using the barbeque please remember to leave the grill clean for the next user.  Always turn the gas off, first at the wall, and then once all gas is burned off from the line, turn off the barbeque.