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Decorating and Remodeling

Do I Need Permission?

Many types of renovations require approval from the Board of Directors, even though these renovations are within your unit. This is because in a Condominium environment, work done in one unit can have an impact on neighbouring units or the Condominium as a whole.


  • Common elements, including windows, balconies, structural elements, demising walls between units, plumbing and other utilities that pass through your unit are not owned by you. If you wish to make renovations or additions that affect any such common elements, you must always first contact your Board of Directors for permission. The Board must be confident that such changes will not adversely affect other owners or the building.
  • Changes solely of a decorative nature, such as painting are allowed without requiring Board permission. The Condominium Declaration defines what constitutes decorative changes.
  • Any other changes inside your unit, including but not limited to any work involving the electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems within your unit requires Board permission.


If in doubt, consult the Property Manager before making any changes in case they may be deemed to be more than just decorative in nature. Getting written permission from the Board is typically a quick and easy matter, and protects you if any questions arise down the road.


When Painting

Unused paint is considered hazardous waste, and may not be disposed of using the waste facilities in the building. Try not to purchase more paint than needed. If you end up with more paint than you expected, painting an extra coat is a good way to use the extra paint, while maximizing the life of your paint job. Various local retailers will also take unused paint back for disposal.



When having any renovations done, please be mindful that noise can easily disturb your neighbors. For these reasons the Condominium Rules and City bylaws both restrict the hours at which such work can be done.